Indirizzare le sfide nello sviluppo prodotto

Manufacturers today operate in an environment with unprecedented product complexity, cost pressures, and globalization. At the same time, they are driven to innovate and bring products to market at an ever-increasing pace. As a result, they must address a multitude of product development challenges if they want to maintain a competitive advantage. PTC PLM offers a full range of capabilities to help manufacturers with these product development challenges:

BOM Management Manage complex bills of material that anyone can access throughout your engineering, manufacturing, and service organizations to assure consistency and control over the many dimensions of a product – including its mechanical, electronic, and software components. Windchill Customer Experience Management
Change Management Streamline change processes across the complete product definition (mechanical, electrical, software and documentation) to ensure visibility across the disciplines and into the extended supply chain, reducing errors and avoiding delays.
Configuration Management Manage the many possible configurations of products or systems throughout the entire lifecycle, managing various changes and alternatives with robust capabilities to coordinate the many artifacts and functions impacted by product configurability.
Document Management Establish version and change control for documentation in multiple file formats, leveraging a secure, searchable repository with built-in associativity between documents and the parts, products, systems and projects they impact.
Product Platforms Unlock the value of an innovative product platform approach to engineering, efficiently delivering regional- 1or market-specific products without increasing operational complexity. PTC Global Platforms Solution
Project Management Provide visibility into the status of product-related deliverables across your projects and programs, enabling enterprise organizations to plan and manage global resources, mediate risk and maximize profitability. PTC Global Platforms Solution
Team Collaboration Support your business with a secure internal and external product and service collaboration platform that integrates with multiple systems. PTC Global Platforms Solution
Product Visualization Efficiently share complex and evolving 3D designs, enabling all stakeholders to view, verify, mark up, and collaborate on and distribute all forms of digital product data.
Product Variant Management Define and manage multiple product configurations to satisfy customer, regional, and market-specific needs and accommodate design alternatives and improvements.
Quality, Reliability & Service Gain early and continuous real-time visibility to predict, track and systematically resolve product quality issues for faster time-to-market and continuous product and service improvements. PTC Global Platforms Solution
Supplier Management Manage approved manufacturer and vendor lists (AVL / AML) across multiple product lines, programs and geographies for faster, better selection of sourced parts and suppliers. PTC Global Platforms Solution
Product Line Planning Create a portfolio of related products using a shared set of engineering assets and processes.
New Product Introduction Drive the adoption, speed, and repeatability of effective product introductions across your organization.
Requirements Management Manage requirements from cradle-to-grave to ensure customer needs and quality expectations are met. PTC Global Platforms Solution
Manufacturing Planning Coordinate engineering and manufacturing teams earlier in the product lifecycle and keep their changes synchronized to improve collaboration, speed time to market, and boost product quality. PTC Global Platforms Solution
Soluzione per la conformità dei materiali di PTC & Conflict Minerals Holistically manage your material, part, product and supply chain compliance across a wide range of regulations, reducing risk and minimizing the costs. PTC Global Platforms Solution about Soluzione per la conformità dei materiali di PTC and Conformità in relazione ai minerali di conflitto di PTC