PTC Global Platforms Solution

Achieve Product Diversity with Platform Reuse to Meet Market Needs

The PTC Global Platforms Solution provides manufacturers with a way to efficiently deliver regional or market-specific products without increasing operational complexity. Product diversity with scale is possible with a global platform strategy. With a platform approach, companies reuse systems and subsystems across product families. Efficiency improves as reuse of systems and interfaces becomes the basis for manufacturing plans and service deliverables. This solution allows you to achieve product diversity by:

  • Managing modular product designs
  • Validating product platforms and specific configurations
  • Reusing platform logic and product configurations across the enterprise

For many manufacturing companies, offering more than “one size fits all” products is highly desirable, if not necessary, to meet the needs of their diverse customer base and key market segments. But companies often lack the means to manage the process effectively and efficiently. The challenge is to meet the diversity of product requirements — and the requirements of product diversity — while achieving economies of scale across the enterprise. A global platform approach manages all aspects of a product: the geometry, the various “bills of information” and all the configurable logic. The PTC Global Platforms Solution provides companies with the critical capabilities needed for platform success.

  • Enable faster NPI through greater product reuse
  • Improve NPI win rate through tailored products
  • Reduce production cost and improve service profitability

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