Creo Elements/Direct Mold Base

Automates Repetitive Tasks When Designing Plastic Injection Molds

Creo Elements/Direct Mold Base alleviates the tedium of creating mold plates and components by reducing repetitive tasks. With its highly interactive and intelligent tooling, Creo Elements/Direct Mold Base is a productivity add-on that reduces the effort needed to design injected plastic molds. Based on R&B® Mold & Die Design Solutions, Creo Elements/Direct Mold Base gives mold designers access to leading-edge CAMD (Computer-Aided Mold Design) solutions, allowing them to generate complete 3D CAD mold tool designs.


  • Leads mold designers through a logical and systematic approach to designing plastic injection molds
  • Provides highly interactive preview menus that dynamically update when you modify parametrically driven components
  • Starts the mold design process with standard and non-standard mold bases and components, and 14 standard component catalogs
  • Provides design advice by validating its parameters with your assembly geometry
  • Exports machining feature information directly to target Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) systems
  • Automates many tasks of the mold design process, including identifying the ideal size of the mold base, selecting and placing components, building the cooling system, checking collisions, and more
  • Automates your repetitive tasks such as cutting plates and inserting new components
  • Checks for part interferences, and detects potential tooling issues, such as thin-walls and overlap, within mold base assemblies


  • Navigate through hundreds of standard components with help from a visual component browser when selecting components
  • Automatically place components according to catalog definition
  • Build a 3D cooling system based on cooling lines, cooling components, and connection conditions
  • Move and modify plates and components
  • Update components after plate changes, semi-automatically
  • Change the initial mold base specification
  • Automatically identify the ideal size of a mold base by analyzing size of core and cavity
  • Multi-insert molds –multiple core and cavity inserts
  • Create non-standard mold bases by overwriting the regular parameters of a standard mold base or use any Creo Elements/Direct Modeling model
  • Create a bill-of-materials for manufacturing and purchasing of the mold base
  • Transfer all hole/ bore information to CAM systems through the Open CAM interface (included in Creo Elements/Direct Modeling)
  • Component catalog

    • Ejectors, guide pins, cooling, etc.
    • Graphical preview while defining the right parameters
    • Flexibility, so you can add company-specific components
    • 14 commercial catalogs, including:

      • D-M-E (English and metric)
      • HASCO (English and metric)
      • NATIONAL
      • FUTABA
      • EOC
      • STRACK
      • PEDROTTI
      • SIDECO
      • PCS
      • MISUMI

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