Creo and Augmented Reality (AR)

Technology that’s transforming product design

Augmented Reality is changing the very nature of product design, and you have it in every seat of Creo. Using AR you can liberate your product from two dimensions. Start with your CAD model and with a few clicks, superimpose a 3D representation of your product against a real-world backdrop at scale. Think of what you could do. Send dispersed colleagues an AR experience for a more meaningful design review. Show a coworker what you’re thinking in real-time. Help a supplier or partner understand exactly what you need.
Your recipients need only a mobile device to view the AR experience – nothing else.
Join the manufacturers and designs who are saving time, making fewer prototypes, enjoying more meaningful design reviews, and getting to their best work faster.


When you need capabilities for the enterprise, turn to Creo AR Design Share. This allows you to generate more AR experiences and manage access to AR experiences across the organization.

  • Publish up to ten models and control who has access to which models

  • Share models outside the enterprise because your IP is protected

  • Use a HoloLens headset for a more immersive experience of the model

If you want to see your product in the context of the environment it’ll be used in, then AR can definitely do that for you faster and less expensively than building a prototype.

– Matt Huybrecht, PTC


Vuforia View

Try the AR experience for yourself. Download the ‘Vuforia View’ app, available at no cost from the Apple store, Google Play store or Microsoft App store, and see the power of AR and Vuforia Studio.


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