Volvo entra nella nuova era dello sviluppo del prodotto


Il gruppo Volvo, leader a livello mondiale per la produzione di camion, bus, attrezzatura per edilizia, motori per la marina ed industriali. Ulteriori informazione in merito alla strategia e l'utilizzo delle tecnologie PLM.

Customers are given the ability to choose from a variety of different options so they can have an optimized product tailored for their specific need.

In order to achieve this level of customer satisfaction, Volvo works with a substantial team, globally dispersed. This brings with it a level of complexity that is not a problem for Volvo to master. Teams gather, work on and share information at a rate which enables data to be managed throughout the complete product lifecycle; from design to recycle.

By connecting knowledge across the engineering organization, the Volvo Group is able to achieve high levels of innovation, time loss reduction and IT cost reduction. The company´s ability to manage complexity differentiates their product in a global market where competition is fierce.