Francesca Frattini

Francesca Frattini joined PTC in 2000, and currently is the Italian Regional Marketing Manager. She is responsible for the marketing strategy and execution in Italy, including Social Media and support for the Direct and Channel Sales organization.

In the past she took different roles and responsibilities in the Company, including being responsible for Channel Marketing for Italy, Spain and Portugal for two years and covering the role of Global Events Manager for two Executive events on PLM (featuring Jim Heppelmann,  Prof. Michael Porter and Ray Kurzweil) and SLM in FY14.

Prior to joining PTC, she worked in marketing, content and event management in various IT companies, including Silicon Graphics (now SGI) and Alias|Wavefront.

Francesca holds a Bachelor’s degree in  Business Administration by the Bocconi University in Milan.

Very passionate about (almost addicted to) content creation and Social Media, you can follow her through @PTC_Italia Twitter account and connect with her in Linkedin. She also owns a personal Twitter account with approx. 8.000 followers.